About Us

Who We Are

H. Strydom Incorporated consists of the founding director with 35(thirty five) years’ experience in property law. He is ably assisted by 5(five) conveyancing secretaries with a combined experience of 81(eighty one) years, an accountant, office managers and three supporting staff members.

Our Vision

H. Strydom Incorporated aims to provide a service of the highest quality and to add value to the business of its clients by forming a close association with its clients. In addition we aim to add value by expediting transactions through prompt and timeous execution and lodgement of matters.

Our Strategy

H. Strydom Incorporated has an excellent relationship with the relevant Deeds Registries founded over various years and has an in depth knowledge of the procedure in the relevant Deeds Registries due to the Directors cumulative 7(seven) years employment in the relevant Deeds Registries. We strive to maximise this valued relationship to the benefit of all parties.

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Areas of speciality

Property Law

An important component of Property Law is Conveyancing. Conveyancing includes the transfer of the legal title of immovable property from one person to another. A conveyancer is a specialist lawyer who specialises in the legal aspects of buying and selling of immovable property and the subsequent registration of the immovable property in the relevant Deeds Registry in pursuance of the relevant agreement of purchase and sale.

Deceased Estates

If the executor that you appoint is a lay person, chances are that he/she will not know what to do after your death and will most likely appoint a professional person to assist him/her. It is therefore best to appoint a professional person from inception to avoid the unnecessary burdening of a family member and someone who is not familiar with the procedures of the Administration of Estates Act 66/1965, as amended which Act governs the procedures, rights, powers and duties of Executors when administering deceased estates. Once again the services of a conveyancer is required to give effect to the process of the deceased estate as contained in a valid will by conveying the immovable property to the beneficiaries in accordance to the will of the deceased and as contained in the final liquidation and distribution account.

Notarial Practice

Certain documents must by law be prepared and attested by a Notary which is a public functionary authorised by the High Court. These documents include the noting and protest of a dishonoured bill, the drafting of Notarial Servitudes, Antenuptial Contracts and the Authentication of Documents executed within the Republic of South Africa for use outside the Republic of South Africa.

Our Law Practice


Hendrik Strydom


Baccalaureus Procurationis
Attorney, Notary & Conveyancer
Higher diploma in Tax Law
Higher diploma in Company Law.


Angela Parau

Conveyancing Secretary

Specialising in Commercial Bond Registrations and Transfer Registrations


Patricia Parau

Conveyancing Secretary

Specialising in Mortgage Bond Registrations and Transfer Registrations


Vanessa Bosman

Conveyancing Secretary

Specialising in Deceased Estates and Transfer Registrations


Angela Lategan

Conveyancing Secretary

Specialising in Deceased Estates and Transfer Registrations


Elsa van Tonder

Conveyancing Secretary

Specialising in Deceased Estates and Transfer Registrations


Teresa Guthrie

Reception/Office Manageress

Assistant to Mr Hendrik Strydom


Hermias Cornelius Strydom


Company Accountant


Mabel Selaolane

Head of Postal department

Hamilton Buthelezi

Head of municipal clearance department

Rodney Malwela

Head of Master of the High Court department and municipal enquiries

Penny Rosen

Drafting department